Do You Want to be a Spanish Translator?

Fame, fortune, and boatloads of cash? Or maybe world domination?

OK, maybe those aren't what await you as a Spanish translator. But if you want to become one, you need to know what it takes to get THERE. And for that, you need to start HERE.

Don't worry, it's not as hard or daunting as it might seem.

See, I know. When I started out as a freelance translator over 10 years ago, I knew nothing. Wait. Scratch that. I did know one thing. And that was that I wanted to be a translator. I love languages. I love words.

But there was one problem. I didn't know the first thing about the translation business. I had no mentors. I didn't know any translators. I didn't even know where to begin.

That didn't stop me, though. I pressed forward. I made mistakes.

But the one thing I didn't do was give up. And I can now say that I've had a very successful translation career. 

And now it's time to give back. See, if there was one thing I wish I had when I started it would have been someone to show me the way, point out the pitfalls, and at the very least be that encouraging voice in my ear telling me to keep pushing ahead.

I want to be that for you. I know it can be difficult, frustrating, tiresome even. But I also know that it can be incredibly rewarding getting that first translation job and feeling validated.

So please, if you need someone to guide you, or motivate you, or to at the least share in this journey with you, come on in. I promise to give you all the Spanish translation help I can so that you can become the success I know you can.