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Birth Certificate Translation

Believe it or not, it can be difficult for translation clients to find translators willing to provide a certified birth certificate translation.

Many translators aren't interested in translating these types of documents for whatever reason so clients have to search around for translators interested in doing these translations.

But if someone is moving to an English-speaking country with a Spanish-language birth certificate, then he or she will most likely need to have it translated in order to be able to use it for various government services.

Many government agencies and public service organizations need to have the English translation of the birth certificate in because they won't often touch it if it's in another language. Even if the person processing the application speaks Spanish for example, the rules will often state that the birth certificate needs to be translated into English.

So whether a translation client needs to get a passport, a driver's license, or any other type of official document, he or she will need to have the birth certificate translated.

Finding a Birth Certificate Translator
So what should people look for when trying to find a birth certificate translator? Well, first of all they need to make sure that they find someone who understands what it takes to provide a quality translation of the original birth certificate. This not only means making sure the translation itself is accurate, but also making sure that the target document is formatted as closely as possible to the source document, which can sometimes involve some pretty extensive desktop publishing and use of graphic tools.

In the United States, the certified birth certificate translation needs to be a certified (and often) notarized copy, which means that the person doing the translation needs to verify that the certificate has been translated correctly. This translation then should be taken to a Notary Public for notarization. Some translators and translation agencies charge for both the translation and the "certification and notarization" which can become very expensive and completely unnecessary.

Process for Translating a Birth Certificate
The process that I use in translating birth certificates is fairly simple:

  1. First, the client will usually contact me about his/her requirement. Once the initial contact is made, he/she scans a copy of their birth certificate and emails it to me, along with some important information like the following: Name, email address, date the copy is needed, and a street address where the birth certificate translation can be mailed.
  2. Once I receive the email, I send out an invoice through Paypal for the cost of the translation, which is $55 for a one-page birth certificate.
  3. After I receive payment, I translate the birth certificate and use some desktop publishing software to create a translated copy that looks nearly identical to the original (thus making sure that the officials looking at the document have no need to question its authenticity).
  4. The translation is then certified and taken to be notarized (at no extra cost!).
  5. The translated birth certificate is then mailed back to the client (again, at no additional cost!).
Overall, the process is pretty painless and gets the client's certificate back to them as soon as possible. Nobody wants to be sitting around waiting weeks and weeks for a translated birth certificate just so they can get their passport or driver's license!

So if you need a birth certificate translated, don't hesitate to contact me and get the process started today!

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