Google Spanish Translator

With Google being one of the major players in the search engine market, it's no wonder that they have their own automatic Spanish translator.

It can be found at the Google spanish translator website.

Google offers English translation from French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, and recently included Beta versions of English translation from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

The Google translator also offers translation from German to English, German to French, Spanish to English, French to English, French to German, Italian to English, Portuguese to English, and Beta versions of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese to English.

With the Google Spanish translator, you can either input text or a web page URL.

One thing I like about the Google translator is that after you do a translation, you can perform a search with a click of a button on the translated text.

Nowhere does it say what kind of word limitation it places on the amount of text that can be translated at one time, but according to my own little experiment, it was around 2,000 words. But enough about the Google Translator. I'm sure you're dying to see the results of the small experiment I ran with it and comparing it to some of the other popular translators out on the market.

Google Spanish Translator

---English Text---
I'm a little teapot, short and stout.
Here is my handle, here is my spout.
When I get all steamed up, hear me shout:
tip me over and pour me out.

---Corresponding Spanish Text---
Soy una pequeños tetera, cortocircuito y cerveza de malto.
Aquí está mi manija, aquí es mi canalón.
Cuando consigo todos cocidos al vapor para arriba, óigame gritar:
inclíneme encima y viértame hacia fuera.

---Translated back into English---
I am small a teapot, short circuit and beer of malto.
Here it is my handle, is my gutter here.
When with himself all spanish stews to the steam for above, óigame to shout:
inclíneme above and viértame towards outside.

The Google Translator is probably the most popular translator out there, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it always provides the best translation anytime someone needs something translated.

One of the things that I found interesting about the translation that Google provided in this little experiment was that while it most translated the original English version fairly OK (except for the bad translation of "stout"), where it really kind of fell apart was when I had the translator back-translate the Spanish into English again.

It didn't even translate hardly the whole last line, and I'm not sure exactly why, since it came up with that translation in the first place.

Now, of course, this wasn't a very scientific experiment at all, but it would be interesting to look at when this happens and if it is certain verbs or conjugations that cause it not render any type of translation at all.

I'll leave that for someone else to check out!

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