Spanish money:
Currency and currency codes

One thing a translator has to know, or at least recognize, is various names of "Spanish money" or currency used in Spanish-speaking countries.

Whether you have to translate the currency amount for a translation, or know how much you'll get paid, it's important to know.

Below is a table containing the names of currency and currency codes for "Spanish money" used in 21 Spanish-speaking countries.

If you need to convert any of these currencies to another, check out the money translator page.

Remember, currencies don't always stay the same and there is always a possibility that those listed below will change. As such, I am not responsible for any changes that might occur.

Country Currency Currency Code
Argentina Argentinian Nuevo Peso ARS
Bolivia Boliviano, Bolivian Peso BOB, BOP
Chile Chilean Peso CLP
Colombia Colombian Peso COP
Costa Rica Costa Rican Colón CRC
Cuba Cuban Peso CUP
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Peso DOP
Ecuador U.S. Dollar USD
El Salvador El Salvadorian Colón SVC
Guatemala Quetzal GTQ
Honduras Lempira HNL
Mexico Mexican Nuevo Peso MXN
Nicaragua Córdoba NIC
Panama Balboa, U.S. Dollar PAB, USD
Paraguay Guaraní PYG
Peru Nuevo Sol PEN
Puerto Rico U.S. Dollar USD
Spain Euro EUR
Uruguay Uruguayan Nuevo Peso UYU
Venezuela Bolívar VEB

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