Spanish Song Translation
A New Avenue for Translators

Spanish song translation can be a hard thing for a translator to do, but when it comes off correctly, the end result can be very good.

But that is one of the reasons I love Spanish is because there are so many opportunities to experience it everyday.

Of course, depending on where you live, you might see or hear more Spanish than other places, but no matter where you live, you're bound to run into it somewhere.

One of the most common places you'll find Spanish being used is on the radio. There seem to be more and more Spanish-language radio stations popping up all around the country.

Of course, when we were in San Antonio, there were a ton of stations to choose from with all different types of music genres in Spanish. But even here on the east coast it's pretty easy to come across Spanish radio stations on both AM and FM dials.

When talking about Spanish music, though, one thing that really interests me is seeing how music artists render English music in Spanish through Spanish song translation.

The thing about it is that translating any type of literary work is not an easy task. Poems, novels, songs... they are all extremely difficult to translate.

With music, though, there is another option that many people choose, and that is to use the same underlying structure of the original English song while coming up with whole new lyrics in Spanish that aren't necessarily a translation of the original.

This can be tough because the target language musician still wants to retain the same overall feeling of the source language music while creating lyrics that make sense in the target language.

One of my favorite albums that takes popular English songs and transfers them to Spanish is called Tributo a Queen. I even prefer some of the Spanish versions over the original English ones. Of course, this album isn't the only Spanish song translation album out there. Searching around you're bound to find some other great ones.

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